If you are yearning for an authentic, relaxed, off-grid, novel and atmospheric experience, for a romantic break, a family holiday, or to party or chill with friends....

then Upcott Roundhouse is what you are looking for.

Nestled within a grove of ancient sweet-chestnuts in an iron-age landscape lost within the rolling Devon countryside and overlooking wooded valleys, hill sides and fields, with far-stretching views of Dartmoor, this reconstruction of an Iron-age house is a cathedral-like structure of wood and thatch encompassing some 7,750 cubic feet and built entirely from natural resources.   Life revolves around the central hearth with its roaring fire ideal for relaxing, romancing, chattering, or contemplating.

Attached to the main roundhouse is a “mini-roundhouse” containing a compost loo, basin and hot shower.  The furnishings are very rustic, all made from wood from the farm.

Enjoy the home and lands of a chieftain of the Dumnonii people who inhabited this area from at least the Iron Age up to the early Saxon period.  We hope that during your stay here the 21st century, its cares and worries, will fade away into a distant and unimaginable future.  Here, in this isolated spot, you are Master or Mistress of your own piece of ancient Britain; relax, enjoy, and just maybe, you will feel in your bones the ghosts of your ancestors calling you back to a world they knew for centuries before the modern age encroached and their way of life passed to oblivion.

Just below the Roundhouse is the hauntingly historic manor house of Upcott and its terraced Elizabethan gardens.

From £170 per night