Your hosts are the Cole family; Charles and Iona, and their children Hedley, Lizzie, May and Charity.  They built the roundhouse.

Charles and Iona have farmed all their lives; it was Charles’s love of history which inspired the building of the roundhouse.  His dreams alone were worth little without the help and co-operation of the others.

Hedley (23) had acquired a particular set of skills needed for its building (and an utter lack of fear!) during his service with the Royal Marines (in which he featured in Channel 4’s Royal Marines Commando School) and it was only his being armed with these that the notion could become reality.

Lizzie (21) helped with the construction and turned out to be a better plasterer than the men!  She and Iona are in charge of bookings, cooking, etc.

May (19) and Charity (15) helped with stripping all the bark of the wood and Charity is the member of the family who seems to be good at giving the rest of us our instructions!

Their ancestor was awarded Upcott by William the Conqueror some 950 years and 25 generations ago. Upcott descended through their forebears, the Earls of Devon, and passed through various lines of the family through the ensuing generations.   Charles and Iona came to reside at Upcott in 1996.

“An amazing, authentically Iron Age weekend in a beautiful traditionally-built roundhouse. Cooking on an open fire, lit entirely by candles, talking and reading by firelight, sleeping in a hand-built four-poster bed or on blankets around the fire – it was all bliss!”

It was all bliss!

“When you emerge from the roundhouse after your stay, you will feel you have come back into the C21st relaxed, rejuvenated & travelled from another place in time.”

C21st relaxed