You will soon be visiting the home and lands of a chieftain of the Dumnonii people who inhabited this area from at least the Iron Age up to the early Saxon period.

We hope that during your stay here the 21st century, its cares and worries, will fade away into a distant and unimaginable future.

Here, in this isolated spot, you are Master or Mistress of your own piece of ancient Britain; relax, enjoy, and just maybe, you will feel in your bones the ghosts of your ancestors calling you back to a world they knew for centuries before the modern age encroached and their way of life passed to oblivion.


As you prepare to make your journey there are a few things you should consider and be aware of and this leaflet will attempt to bring these to your attention.


We have provided a few modern conveniences for your comfort because we think there are some things we can’t (or don’t want to) do without today. There is, for instance, a mini-roundhouse joined to the main roundhouse which contains a hot shower, basin (cold water only) and a compost loo. Sadly there was not room for a central hearth to heat it. Spring water (cold only) from our own supply is laid on in the main roundhouse.


There is also a small solar-power station which will provide a few hours electricity per day (depending on sunlight). You may wish to bring a music system with you.


Otherwise the Roundhouse is off-grid. This means that light and heat is provided by the central hearth and candles, although there is a rechargeable lantern. There are no windows, and therefore no natural light, so it will be quite dark unless it is warm enough to keep the doors open. Cooking facilities are purely from the hearth, we will provide you with some instructions, but you may wish to visit some of the local pubs (the details of which we shall also provide you with).


There is a King-size bed, and linen and towels are provided. There are also Futon mattresses, and linen for these will be provided, but they will need to be made-up at bed-time.


Upcott lies down remote ancient lanes in a little part of England which has changed little over the centuries, and it should be noted that some of the roads are not of the standard of motorways – especially the lane to the roundhouse and it would not be suitable to try and bring a car with a very low profile up them – you might just lose some trimming ….. or a sump!


The earliest time for checking in is 3 p.m. We would find it helpful if you could call us (01363 866182 or 07815 551805 or 07570 100006) when you are about an hour away (or by J25 if coming down the M5). When you arrive come up to the main house (through the stone archway) where we will be looking forward to meeting you and we will give you the keys and take you to the roundhouse to explain a few things. If you cannot raise us try ringing the above numbers.


Depending on the weather it may be advisable to bring some Wellington boots – the roundhouse is not set within a tarmaced yard! Do bring some slippers or other home foot-wear – in the Iron-age they may well have walked in with muddy boots – but we are more house-proud!


It is possible, depending on atmospheric conditions, that the Roundhouse maybe a little smoky (so perhaps not the ideal destination for asthma sufferers). The hearth is the central point of the roundhouse, around which all life is conducted, it provides, light, warmth, hot water and cooking facilities. It gives the roundhouse its atmosphere, but there is likely, at best, to be the scent of wood-smoke in the air. Perhaps not the best place for designer labels, but practical, warm country clothes. Also be prepared that because there is no electric light it will be quite dusky inside.


Cooking & washing-up utensils, cutlery, accoutrements, loo-roll and all linen are provided, but otherwise you must bring any food or personal washing items you might need. Details of local shops will be provided.

  • Cooking – Central open hearth fire
  • Refrigeration – No
  • Heating – Central open hearth fire
  • Lighting – Fire, Candlelight, Lanterns, and if wanted, solar power
  • Washing up – Washing up bowl, hot water supplied by fire
  • Showers – Gas powered hot-water shower
  • Lavatory facilities – Compost Loo
  • Bed linen and towels – Yes
  • Plug sockets – Yes, from a limited solar station supply
  • Wi-fi – No

If you have had a long-journey and are arriving late you may not wish to start getting to grips with hearth cookery or driving out again to a pub and we will happily cook a beef or chicken casserole or a chilli con carne with jacket potatoes and leave it on the hearth for you. There is an additional charge of £20 for this (£25 for the beef casserole) (Feeds 4, please add an additional £5/head above this number). Please try to order this at least a day in advance of your visit.


There is so much to do at the Roundhouse, from preparing meals (that is, if you wish to learn the art of hearth cooking), playing games, going for walks, or just unwinding and relaxing. We want you to have an experience of a life-time. There is an explanatory manual in the house with a list of lots of ideas. Above all be prepared to relax with the knowledge that there will usually be someone on hand to assist in any worries or problems you may have. The idea is to have fun.


There is a large Firebowl Barbeque outside which you may wish to use on fine days, wood is available for this, but you may wish to bring charcoal with you.


Children & Pets

We are not against children under 13 staying, however we would ask guests to bear in mind that because there is an open fire, and sometimes a slightly smoky atmosphere, it could be considered unsuitable for very young children. Likewise, slightly older children may be tempted to play with the fire and cause a calamity and we would recommend young “mischiefs” do not come to stay.


Can guests bring babes in arms, and do we provide equipment (travel cots/high chairs)? Perhaps not recommended with an open fire, and we do not provide the necessaries.


Child Minding & Baby Sitting during the day or evening is usually available on request. Lizzie Cole worked for two years as an Assistant House Mistress at a Girls’ boarding school, has been C.R.B. checked, and has completed her Basic Child Protection Training Course, and passed a Fire Safety Awareness course.   Rate: £8/hour.


Telephone 07570 100006 or Email [email protected]


Are pets allowed? Yes, but they have to be kept under strict control (this is a farm) and they are not allowed in the roundhouse.


Car Parking

There is plenty of car parking space; it is possible to drive right up to the roundhouse which maybe convenient when unloading luggage, and if you wish you can park your car by the roundhouse, but please do not obstruct the gateway to the field. You can also park in a hollow area below the roundhouse, or, if you would rather not bring a car into this ancient environment then there is a patch to the left of the lane just below the fence as you enter the enclosure.



Guests must check-out and return the key to the house by 11.30 a.m. on the morning of their departure.